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Archived calls

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IDCall titleApplication deadline
29Research Training Courses 200911.03.2009
28Researcher Networks 200901.04.2009
30Step 1 Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context02.10.2009
32Impacts of Climate Change in Nordic Primary Industries (1)03.11.2009
33TFI Networks "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"13.11.2009
34TFI NCoE "Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere"12.02.2010
35Step 2 Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic Context12.02.2010
36Step1 TFI NCoE "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"05.03.2010
37Innovations in Cross-Border Living Lab Structures08.03.2010
38Research Training Courses 201017.03.2010
39Researcher Networks 201025.03.2010
40Impacts of Climate Change in Nordic Primary Industries (2)14.06.2010
41Step2 TFI NCoE "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"17.06.2010
42Research Training Courses 201116.03.2011
43Researcher Networks 201106.04.2011
64Research Projects "Nutrition, Learning and Health"15.05.2012
44Research Projects "Education for Tomorrow"15.05.2012
84NeGI NCoE "eScience in Climate and Environmental Research"19.09.2012
105NCoE "Education for Tomorrow"14.11.2012
144Collaboration Projects Green Growth in an Era of Climate Change15.03.2013
127NeGI NCoE eScience in Health and social preconditions for health17.04.2013
204JPI Climate - Topic 1: Societal Transformation Pre proposal29.11.2013
224JPI Climate - Topic 2: Russian Arctic and Boreal Systems Preprop29.11.2013
244NCoE "Nordic Societal Security"15.01.2014
264Nordic Networks on Research Infrastructures21.02.2014
304NTA Pilot Call: Support to Nordic clinical research projects21.03.2014
384JPI Climate Topic 2: Russian Arctic and Boreal Systems28.03.2014
324JPI Climate Topic 1: Societal Transformation28.03.2014
284Research Projects "eScience Tools and Techniques" (1)04.04.2014
404Planning Grants Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic Research05.06.2014
464Research Projects "eScience Tools and Techniques"11.09.2014
424Funding for Nordic research projects on the distribution of health and welfare16.10.2014
524Research projects on user-driven innovation in health and welfare04.02.2015
564Nordic Register Pilots18.02.2015
584Nordic Energy Research - Nordic Flagship Projects19.02.2015
504Nordic Centres of Excellence in Arctic Research04.03.2015
544ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus - Project Outline08.04.2015
1065Nordic Energy Research - Flagships reporting for funded projects12.05.2015
624Nordic Energy Research - Flagship projects full proposal12.05.2015
586ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus - Full project proposal02.06.2015
644Nordic Graduate Education Courses - eScience Tools and Techniques14.10.2015
724Five-year capacity-building project within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme03.02.2016
764Planning Grants in Societal security11.03.2016
664Society, Integrity and Cyber-security15.03.2016
704NCoE "Advancing the bioeconomy transition in the Nordic region" (1)16.03.2016
744NCoE "Solving the Gender Paradox"27.04.2016
784Joint Nordic-Russian research activities03.05.2016
844European Research Area Network - Smart Grids Plus15.06.2016
864Research projects within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme22.06.2016
865Research School within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme22.06.2016
824The Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme - Module I16.08.2016
924NCoE "Advancing the bioeconomy transition in the Nordic region" (2)07.09.2016
904Nordic Register-based Research Projects05.10.2016
944Additional Open Science activities - NCoE Arctic research17.10.2016
1004Inclusive Education Across Borders04.04.2017
964New instrument for Nordic University Cooperation: Nordic University Hubs03.05.2017
1084Nordic Graduate Education Courses within register-based research21.06.2017
1066Research projects: NNSP International Postdoctoral Research Fellowships30.08.2017
1108New learning and teaching environments and practices. A Call for Proposals for a Nordic Centre of Excellence13.09.2017
1164Research Projects "The Underpinnings of Nordic Societal Security"20.09.2017
1224ERA-NET - Smart Grids Plus 201714.11.2017
1284Nordic-Russian additional funding 201804.04.2018
1324Call for Project proposals within personalised medicine (NordicPerMed) 04.09.2018
1345ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems - Project Outline 11.09.2018
1385Massive Open Online Course within the Nordic Neutron Science Programme21.09.2018
1304Nordic Clinical Trial Projects on Paediatric Cancer Treatment03.10.2018
1384ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems - Full Project Proposal02.11.2018
1364Joint Nordic-UK Migration and Integration Research Programme: A Call for Pre-proposals for Research Projects15.11.2018
1344Nordic Energy Research - Call for proposals for planning grants in energy research30.11.2018
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