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Call: Researcher Networks 2009

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
01.04.2009 16:00
Call description

NordForsk aims to bring together prominent research groups in the Nordic and the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training at the Nordic, European and international levels.

The NordForsk networks should aim to establish joint research training in a given field, to consolidate research as a basis for joint European or international projects, or to strengthen a given field of research in order to establish a new Nordic Centre of Excellence.

It is decisive that PhD students and young researchers participate actively and that the network results in constructive cooperation that can extend beyond the period of NordForsk financing.

The Call is open for applications in any field of research. As a special effort Spring 2009,

NordForsk provides 3,6 MNOK as earmarked funds for research training activities within the humanities and social sciences. Applications are invited from excellent Nordic research environments within the humanities and social sciences, which aim to establish a researcher network with a focus on developing joint researcher training activities.

Economic framework


  • A NordForsk network may receive up to NOK 300.000 per year for up to three years. The amount of funding applied for should correspond to the number of network participants and the type of planned activities.
  • NordForsk intends to fund 25 new researcher networks. In addition to this, NordForsk intends to fund up to four researcher networks with a focus on establishing joint research training activities within the humanities and social sciences.
  • The network grant is a flexible grant scheme used to cover direct costs for various forms of cooperation including direct administrative costs (max 10 % of the grant). The funding cannot be spent on salaries, equipment, publications, taxes (e.g., ‘högskolemoms’), overhead or similar costs.
  • Participation from the Baltic countries requires joint funding of at least 30% of the Baltic part of the concrete project activity costs. The joint funding should be documented in the budget plan as well as in the annual project reports.

Research groups from other European countries are welcome to join the network but the NordForsk grant will not cover their costs.

Call conditions


  • Established researchers at universities and other research institutions in the Nordic and the Baltic countries are eligible to apply for support for NordForsk networks.
  • All applications must include participants from at least three Nordic countries, alternatively from at least two Nordic and one Baltic country (2+1).
  • Research groups in countries outside the Nordic and the Baltic countries can also participate, but the coordinating institution and the majority of the research groups must be from the Nordic or the Baltic countries.
  • NordForsk prioritises applications that include more than three countries, involve research groups from the Baltic countries; have access to special equipment and other research infrastructure; have an multidisciplinary approach; that involve both research and innovation and unite academia and industry (or business).
  • The network should maintain a website, at which information is continuously provided on the network’s activities and results. The website should be linked to NordForsk.
  • See also General guidelines for applicants.

Granted networks are expected to start their activities during autumn 2009.

Max applied amount (NOK)
Decsions will be made by
June / July 2009
Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Erlendur Helgason
Phone: +47 90 11 10 12

Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Simone Heinz
Phone: +47 90 84 53 82

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