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Call: Research Projects "eScience Tools and Techniques" (1)

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
04.04.2014 13:00
The Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI) was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk, the Research Council of Norway, the Swedish Research Council and the Academy of Finland. The NeGI Steering Committee is comprised of representatives of the funding partners, and the initiative is administered by NordForsk. The NeGI Steering Committee has previously issued calls for Nordic Centres of Excellence in two areas: eScience in Climate and Environmental Research and eScience in Health and Social Preconditions to Health. To complement these efforts, the NeGI Steering Committee has now decided to allocate approximately NOK 12 million for the establishment of more generic research projects in the area of eScience Tools and Techniques.
Who is eligible to apply?

Researchers and research groups at universities and other research institutions in the Nordic countries are eligible to apply for funding. The Nordic countries are defined here as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the autonomous areas of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Åland Islands. The formal applicant must be an institution, organisation or other legal entity based in one of the NeGI co-funding countries, i.e. Finland, Norway or Sweden.

Thematic framework

A principal characteristic of eScience is the generic nature of the technology, i.e. the eScience tools and methods. The most innovative interface for developing relevant new technology is found between the push from computational science and the pull from real disciplinary research challenges. The aim of the call is to develop tools and methods that underpin the NeGI Grand Challenge activities on eScience in Climate and Environmental Research and eScience in Health and Social Preconditions to Health, extracting common denominators to enable general tools development. This involves the development of new theories, models, methods, algorithms and software to address major problems in the application of computer and data-intensive resources to challenges in these fields as well as in a wide range of other disciplinary research areas. Core issues are:

  • Generic challenges in the eScience methodology disciplines - mathematics, statistics and informatics - e.g. development of new theories, models, methods, algorithms, techniques and tools for a broad range of computer and data-intensive challenges.
  • Specific computer and data-intensive challenges related to the Grand Challenges.
  • Development of new information and communication technology that will improve the utilisation of investments in eInfrastructure. This encompasses methods for computing and data handling at the extreme scale.

Nordic teams of investigators are encouraged to work together to develop far-reaching research on eScience tools and techniques. Central to this activity is the innovative use of computational and data analysis thinking, here defined comprehensively to encompass computational and mathematical concepts, methods, models, algorithms and tools.

Financial framework

This call for proposals is funded through a common pot provided by the NeGI funding partners (the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk, the Academy of Finland, the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Research Council) and administered by NordForsk. The total budget for this call is approximately NOK 12 million, and the maximum amount that may be sought is NOK 4 million. Funding will be granted for a period of 3-4 years.

Eligibility criteria


  • The Project Leader must be an established senior researcher based at a research institution in one of the NeGI co-funding countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden). NordForsk will enter into a contract with this institution, which will be responsible for the administration of the research project. This is also the institution to which NordForsk will disburse the grant.
  • The research project must have binding institutional commitment from at least three Nordic countries.
  • Proposals must include an overall budget detailing the anticipated costs of the research project and a specification of how these costs will be distributed among the various funding sources, including funding sought from the NeGI.
  • All project partners must document their own contribution (cash and in-kind) to the project.
  • The proposed time frame for the research projects is 3-4 years.
  • All projects that receive funding from NordForsk must maintain high ethical standards (good research ethics and adequate consideration of ethical questions of relevance to the project). Proposals must include a description of the relevant legal and ethical frameworks and procedures needed to perform the research.
  • The proposals must include plans for dissemination and implementation of the project results, including possible plans for market orientation.
  • In line with its gender policy, NordForsk promotes gender balance among researchers as well as gender perspectives within the research activity as important aspects of research quality. All projects that receive funding from NordForsk must account for how gender perspectives are incorporated or given consideration in the project.
Assessment criteria


  • The proposal will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Relevance relative to the call for proposals;
  • Quality of the grant proposal, including the quality and innovative aspects of the project plan;
  • Competence of the applicants, including scientific merits and output, academic leadership, and experience and skills related to project management and operation;
  • Research environment (inclusion of relevant environments, cohesion, possibility for specialisation, economy of scale, international strategy and profile);
  • Expected results and impact, including long-term scientific, societal and economic impact of the cooperation;
  • Feasibility of the project plan in relation to proposed resources (human resources, budget, schedule). Feasibility of the proposed budget describing the total costs of and overall funding contributions to the research project, including the impact of the funding requested from the NeGI;
  • Added value of the Nordic cooperation, including justification as to why the project should be carried out as a joint Nordic effort and how the results will benefit the Nordic countries;
  • Contribution to open science: plans as described in Annex 1, merits in the area of open science.
Processing of proposals

A two-phase process will be used for this call. The proposals submitted in the first phase will be assessed by an international panel of experts. Based on the recommendation of the panel, the NeGI Steering Committee will select a number of applicants that will be invited to submit full proposals in the second phase, taking the comments from the panel of experts and the Steering Committee into account. These proposals will again be assessed by the international panel of experts.

The final funding decision will be taken by the NordForsk Board based on external peer review performed by the international panel of experts and the subsequent recommendation of the NeGI Steering Committee.NordForsk's Guidelines on Impartiality will be applied in order to avoid conflicts of interest in prioritisation and funding decisions. The assessment panel will provide written feedback to the applicants via NordForsk. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the funding decision, and NordForsk will sign contracts with the approved research projects and their host organisations shortly thereafter.

First-phase proposals must be submitted electronically via the NordForsk Application Portal by no later than Wednesday, 4 April 2014. Proposals must be submitted in English. No attachments are to be included unless specifically requested in the application form. The application form is based on the eligibility criteria and assessment criteria stated above, and may be found on the NordForsk Application Portal. In order to access the application form, applicants must register as a user on the NordForsk Application Portal and create a draft application.


The decision of the first-phase of the call will be made by the NeGI Steering Committee in June and the final decision will be made by the NordForsk board in the beginning of December. The preliminary start of granted projects will be in the beginning of 2015.

Max. amount that may be sought (NOK)
Responsible adviser

Sverker Holmgren, Programme Director for the eScience Globalisation Initiative
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Ida Persson, Adviser
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