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Call: TFI Networks "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
13.11.2009 16:00
Full call title
Top-level Research Initiative: Nordic Networks within the sub-programme "Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change"
Call description

The Top-level Research Initiative launches a call for Nordic Networks within the sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change”.

The Top-level Research Initiative is the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date. The initiative is a Nordic contribution towards solving the global climate crisis and intends to promote research and innovation within the region. For more information:

The sub-programme “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” aims to improve knowledge about the effects of climate change, about society’s capacities for adaptation, and about the risks and opportunities that the effects of climate change may bring to the Nordic region.

A Nordic Network is expected to cover topic areas of one or several of the following keywords: Effects of climate change, adaptation to the consequences concerning land and coastal areas and cities, and opportunities that climate change might open for the Nordic countries. Effects can include impacts on nature, ecosystems, society and economy. The sub-programme is a combination of social science/humanities and natural/technical science, and interdisciplinary applications will be encouraged.

A Nordic Network brings together prominent research groups from at least three Nordic countries in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training at the Nordic, European and international level. Participants from industry, policy makers and societal actors should be included in the Nordic Network when relevant.

Economic framework

The Top-level Research Initiative intends to fund 10 Nordic Networks within the sub-programme. Each Network may receive up to NOK 300.000 per year for up to three years. The amount of funding applied for should correspond to the number of network participants and the type of planned activities.

The Nordic Network grant is a flexible grant scheme used to cover direct costs for various forms of cooperation (as workshops, conferences, seminars, researcher training courses) including direct administrative costs (max 10 % of the grant). The funding cannot be spent on salaries, equipment, publications, taxes (e.g. ‘högskolemoms’), overhead or similar costs. Research groups from non-Nordic countries are welcome to join the network but have to cover the costs of their activities themselves.

Call conditions

- Eligible participants are established researchers at universities and other research institutions in the Nordic countries as well as participants from industry, policy makers and societal actors.
- All applications must include participants from at least three Nordic countries.
- Research groups, industry, policy makers and societal actors in other than Nordic countries can also participate, but the coordinating institution and the majority of participants must be from the Nordic countries.
- Each Nordic Network is expected to cover parts of the keywords as described in the call text.
- Participants from industry, policy makers and societal actors should be included in the Nordic Network when relevant.
- Each Nordic Network should maintain a website, at which information is continuously provided on the Network’s activities and results.
- Applications have to be submitted using the NordForsk Application Portal. Only complete applications can be accepted.
- See also the General Guidelines for Applicants within the Top-level Research Initiative (sub-programme I and II) in the Appendix. The NordForsk General Guidelines do not apply. Granted Nordic Networks are expected to start their activities during spring/summer 2010.

Evaluation criteria

 Relevance to the call
- Relevance of the proposal in relation to the call themes and general conditions as communicated in the call text
- Research quality. To what extent does the application increase the quality of research and researcher training at Nordic and international level?
- Continuation strategy. To what extent does the project result in cooperation that can extend beyond the TFI financing period?
- Level and content of interdisciplinary interaction between different fields of research or collaboration between academia and industry.
- Potential impact of the network, including scientific and societal impact, etc

Research and Network Activity plan
- Nordic strength. The probability of achieving synergies and scientific benefits and added value through Nordic cooperation.
- Activity plan. Scientific quality and feasibility of the research and activity plan (including creativity and innovative ideas).
- Research training. Prominence and quality of the research training component.
- Gender. How is the gender perspective taken into account in the composition of the participants in the activity?
- Budget. Is the proposed level of funding appropriate for planned activities?

Merits of the Applicants, Management and Project Organisation
- Main applicant. Scientific experience of the main applicant (including researcher training, scientific publications and other output).
- Coordination group. Composition and scholarly competence of the coordination group.
- Network structure. Involvement of relevant research groups, combination of expertise, novelty of the Network regarding composition/topics.
- Dissemination and implementation: communication plans and possible involvement of actors outside the network.

Max applied amount (NOK)
Decisions will be made by
February 2010
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Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Michael Andersson
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