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Call: Research Training Courses 2011

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
16.03.2011 16:00
Who can apply?

Researchers at universities and other research institutions engaged in research training in the Nordic (*) and Baltic (**) countries are eligible to apply for NordForsk Research Training Courses.

(*) Nordic is defined here as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the autonomous areas, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland Islands.
(**) Baltic is defined here as Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Call description
NordForsk invites applications for funding research training courses. The objective is to offer research training in specialised research fields where the number of qualified students cannot be reached in one country alone. The courses can be held within all scientific areas. The research training courses usually take place in the Nordic or Baltic countries, and should be specialised intensive courses (minimum 5 days) for PhD students and young researchers (at the postdoctoral level). NordForsk encourages research cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries, and according to the Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Ministers' Nordic-Baltic cooperation 2009-2013, the cooperation is a partnership on equal footing.
Economic framework

- A NordForsk Research Training Course may receive a maximum of NOK 400.000
- The Project Manager is the institution/ enterprise that is responsible for administering the grant, and the Project Leader should therefore have a direct affiliation with the Project Manager
- The amount of funding applied for should correspond to the number of people involved and the planned activities
- The grant can be spent on travel, accommodation and meals for the course participants, organisers and lecturers. In addition, the NordForsk grant may cover a honorarium for the course lecturers, and may include a maximum of 10 % of the grant for administrative costs
- The grant does not cover salaries or purchase of equipment
- All students based in the Nordic countries attending the course may participate for free, covered by the grant
- Students outside the Nordic countries are welcome to join the course, however, they are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. This includes the Baltic countries

Call conditions

- The Project Leader is responsible for the professional implementation and completion of the course on behalf of the Project Manager
- NordForsk encourages applicants to
* invite international leading researchers to give lectures
* have a broad participation from the Nordic countries, if relevant
* provide students access to special equipment and other research infrastructure
* have a multidisciplinary approach
* involve both research and research-driven innovation
* enhance academia, public sector and industry interaction
- The Research Training Courses should preferentially take place in the Nordic or Baltic region. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances, for instance if the course depends on particular infrastructure located elsewhere
- The applicant should ensure that all the institutions, groups and lecturers mentioned in the application have confirmed their intention to participate
- Organisers who have previously received course funding from NordForsk must mention this in their application
- The Research Training Courses should be arranged in 2011 or 2012
- The Project Leader is responsible for announcing the course online as soon as a scheduled date and place is known, and to inform NordForsk
- Applications must be submitted electronically using the NordForsk Application Portal no later than 16.00 CET on 16 March 2011. Applications have to be submitted in English

Evaluation criteria

- Relevance of the course for the research field; choice of focus, specialisation, and level
- Quality of the scientific content of the course
- What added value for research will the course give?
- Scholarly competence of the project organisers
- Scholarly competence of the course lecturers
- A well-conceived course plan suggesting a reasonable promise of successful execution

Max applied amount (NOK)
Decisions will be made by
July 2011
Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Erlendur Helgason
Phone: +47 901 11 012

Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Harry Zilliacus
Phone: +47 948 38 681

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