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Call: Researcher Networks 2011

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
06.04.2011 16:00
Who can apply?

Researchers at universities and other research institutions in the Nordic (*) and Baltic (**) countries are eligible to apply for NordForsk Researcher Networks.

(*) Nordic is defined here as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the autonomous areas, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland Islands.
(**) Baltic is defined here as Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Call description

NordForsk aims at bringing together prominent research groups in order to strengthen and increase the quality of and collaboration within research and research training. It is important that PhD students and young researchers participate actively in the network. A Researcher Network should aim at establishing joint research training in a given field, consolidate research as a basis for joint Nordic, European or international projects, and thereby establish excellence in its field of research. Thus, the intention should be to continue the established collaboration beyond the grant period.

NordForsk encourages research cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries in the networks, and according to the Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Ministers' Nordic-Baltic cooperation 2009-2013, the cooperation is a partnership on equal footing.

NordForsk welcomes applications within all fields of research, however, applicants are particularly encouraged to collaborate on:
- Joint Nordic use of Research Infrastructure.
The network collaboration should imply increased use of research facilities; resources or services, i.e., equipment or sets of instruments; e-infrastructures and knowledge resources such as collections, archives, databases, etc. It implies both infrastructures located within the Nordic countries and Nordic use of international infrastructure
- Nordic Culture, Languages and inter-Nordic Communication.
Changes in the use of Nordic languages and in the role of a Nordic culture; language policies, attitudes towards a "Nordic identity", the languages of instruction and research in Nordic higher education, the role of English as the lingua franca in Nordic communication, etc. could be in the focus of the network collaboration
- Research on Nordic Cooperation.
The focus should be on the policies, activities/ initiatives, and the role of the institutionalised Nordic cooperation, i.e., the official cooperation agencies the Nordic Council and/ or the Nordic Council of Ministers. Possible topics may include organisation of the institutionalised Nordic cooperation, cooperation within different sectors, as well as institutionalised Nordic cooperation in a Nordic-European or Nordic-global context

Economic framework

- A NordForsk Researcher Network may receive a maximum of NOK 900.000 over a period of up to three years
- The Project Manager is the institution/ enterprise that is responsible for administering the network grant, and the Project Leader should therefore have a direct affiliation with the Project Manager
- The amount of funding applied for should correspond to the number of network participants and the planned activities
- The network grant should cover direct costs for various forms of cooperation. NordForsk allows up to 10 % of the grant to be used for administrative costs directly related to the management of the project
- The funding should primarily be spent on networking activities such as travel and meeting costs, use of infrastructure/ equipment, however, not on purchasing equipment per se
- Up to 25 % of the grant may be used to cover expenses for collaborative partners outside the Nordic region

Call conditions

- Applications must include research groups from at least three Nordic countries, or alternatively two Nordic countries and one Baltic country
- The majority of the research groups must be based in the Nordic/ Baltic countries
- Applicants are encouraged to:
* have a multidisciplinary approach
* involve both research and research-driven innovation
* enhance academia, public sector and industry interaction
* build a network with an even gender distribution
- The network should have a plan for communication activities, and should inform NordForsk on findings, results and news for communication purposes. In addition, the network should create and maintain a website which is updated regularly and linked to
- Applications must be submitted electronically using the NordForsk Application Portal no later than 16.00 CET on 6 April 2011. Applications have to be submitted in English.

Evaluation criteria

- To what extent does the proposed network increase the quality of and collaboration within research and research training on a Nordic and international level?
- To what extent does the proposed network result in constructive cooperation that can extend beyond the period of NordForsk financing?
- To what extent do PhD students and young researchers participate actively?
- To what extent does the proposed network provoke excellence in its field of research?

Max applied amount (NOK)
Decsions will be made by
July 2011. Granted networks are expected to start their activities during autumn 2011.
Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Erlendur Helgason
Phone: +47 901 11 012

Responsible adviser

Senior adviser Harry Zilliacus
Phone: +47 948 38 681

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