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Call: Joint Nordic-Russian research activities

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
03.05.2016 14:00
Full call title

Call for proposals for joint Nordic-Russian research activities for existing Nordic Centres of Excellence and research projects funded by NordForsk


The Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The programme intends to promote multifaceted contacts in the fields of education and research in the interest of sustainable social and economic development in Russia and the Nordic countries. By funding Nordic-Russian cooperation between educational institutions and research organisations, the programme aims to improve the direct links between the institutions and organisations involved, and thereby initiate long-term partnerships.

To achieve the above goals, cooperative efforts are being directed towards multilateral cooperation on the training of highly qualified experts, the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students and university faculty, and joint research projects and promotion of innovation. NordForsk administers the research activities under the programme. The Russian activities under the programme are coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The total budget for research activities under the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research for 2016-2017 is approximately NOK 8.5 million from the Nordic Council of Ministers, matched by an equal contribution from the Russian Federation in the form of own contributions (including in kind) from the participating Russian institutions.

For more information on the Nordic-Russian Co-operation Programme, see the website of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Thematic framework

The objective of this call for proposals is to enhance Nordic-Russian cooperation in Nordic Centres of Excellence and research projects funded by NordForsk.

The proposed activities should supplement and strengthen ongoing projects under the joint Nordic programmes. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate genuine Nordic-Russian cooperation, high scientific quality and high relevance for users of knowledge.

An overview of ongoing NordForsk funded projects is available at

Financial framework

The Nordic budget for this call is approximately NOK 8.5 million. The maximum amount of Nordic funding that may be sought is NOK 3 million. Funding period: Start-up in August 2016. Activities must be concluded by December 2017. The funding will be granted for expenses related to Nordic-Russian research collaboration, e.g.

  • joint studies;
  • mobility and networking;
  • join data collection and comparative analysis;
  • joint use of infrastructures;
  • joint method development;
  • joint pilot projects;
  • joint conferences/seminars/workshops/courses;
  • joint dissemination activities and user involvement.

The Russian partners in the proposals are not eligible to apply for new funding under this call, but should instead document their own contribution with a Letter of Support (approximately equal to the amount of Nordic funding sought). The own contribution of Russian participants may include in-kind funding, such as personnel resources or access to certain infrastructures. The Russian contribution must be included in the project budget.

Eligibility criteria

The formal main applicant must be the project leader of the relevant existing NCoE/research project. The participating members in the joint activities may be any researchers involved in the NCoEs or research projects funded by NordForsk.

The applicant must have a Russian co-applicant committed to investing its own resources in the collaboration, and this should be confirmed by a Letter of Support attached to the application.

The eligible main Russian partner institutions:

  • Accredited higher education institutions in Russia under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  • Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Federal research institutes;
  • Universities participating in Project 5-100;
  • Research organisations receiving Russian public funding;
  • Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University.

Network partners may be research institutes, non-governmental organisations, public agencies, or public and private organisations in the Nordic countries and Russia.

For more information about the formal requirements for Russian participants, please contact the International department, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation via email to Ksenia Trinchenko ( or by telephone (+7 (495) 629-24-25).

Proposals (in English) must contain

1. Information on the Nordic applicant;

2. A plan for collaboration (no more than 3 pages), outlining:

a) The main contents of the proposed cooperation;
b) The relevance of the proposed cooperation to the research topic;
c) Researcher mobility;
d) The expected outcome and impact of the collaboration on science and society (user relevance, policy development, etc.);
e) Plans for dissemination of results;
f) Legal, gender and ethical aspects;

3. Information on Nordic and Russian researchers involved in the collaboration: short CVs of key Nordic and Russian researchers (no more than 2 pages per person, including only main publications);

4. Information from the Russian partners (free format, 1-2 pages):

a) research being conducted, areas of specialty and expected contribution to the collaboration;
b) participants and merits;
c) information on whether there are existing contacts between the Nordic and Russian environments;

5. A Letter of Support (confirmation about funding available from the Russian partner in the project);

6. A budget with specified description of the planned use of funding.

Processing of proposals

Applicants must submit their proposals electronically through the NordForsk application portal no later than 3 May 2016 at 14:00 (CEST).

The proposals will be assessed by external experts. NordForsk's guidelines on impartiality will be applied at all stages of the assessment process.

The funding decisions will be taken by the Nordic-Russian Committee, consisting of members appointed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Grant decisions will be taken in June 2016.

Assessment criteria

The experts will assess the proposals according to the following criteria:

  • relevance of the Nordic-Russian collaboration;
  • expected output and impact;
  • scientific value of the proposed collaboration;
  • relevance of the budget to the proposed activity.

The Nordic-Russian Committee will assess the overall strategic value of the proposals.

Monitoring of the funded projects

Contracts with grant-holders will be drawn up as soon as possible after the funding decisions have been taken. NordForsk is responsible for administrative follow-up of the projects. The projects are required to provide a final report within three months after the project period has ended. The projects are expected to participate in joint programme activities, when relevant, as well as engage in efforts to disseminate the results of the collaboration.

Responsible advisors:

For questions concerning the Nordic-Russian Cooperation programme in the Nordic countries:

Kaisa Vaahtera, Senior Adviser
Phone: +47 911 48 694

Lone Jessen, Adviser
Phone: +47 901 98 037

For questions concerning the Nordic-Russian Cooperation programme in the Russian Federation:

Ksenia Trinchenko, the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Phone: +79067839143

Technical support

E-mail: / Phone:+47 905 51 520

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