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Call: Additional Open Science activities - NCoE Arctic research

The submission deadline for this call has passed
Application deadline
17.10.2016 13:00
Full call title
Additional Open Science activities within the NordForsk programme Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges - Pathways to Action

NordForsk is announcing a call for a pilot activity within Open Science. This is as a first step in the implementation of Action 5 in the Nordic eScience action Plan 2.0. The purpose of the call is to support additional efforts towards implementing best practices and principles for Open Science in research and research results. References can be found e.g. in the report Open Access to Research Data - Status, Issues and Outlook.

The four Nordic Centers of Excellence (NCoEs) in the NordForsk programme Responsible Development of the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges - Pathways to Action are invited to submit an application (at most one application per center), describing extended Open Science activities and actions that adds value to the center activities as described in the original NCoE application and contract.


The Open Science paradigm implies that an open mode of collaboration on research and education is ensured, where structures and procedures encourage open transfer of knowledge and resources. It also implies that research resources and results, including publications, data, software tools and educational resources, are made openly accessible and usable for other researchers, as well as to other actors in society, where applicable.

The Nordic countries have a strong record in driving the development of Open Science, including Open Access to research results, data, tools and procedures. The development of e-infrastructure and e-science tools and techniques is both an enabling factor and a driving force for the evolution of the Open Science paradigm. Building on recent experience and activities, NordForsk, through the Nordic eScience Action Plan 2.0, launch this call for Open Science pilot research projects, exclusively open to the NCoEs in the Arctic Research Programme.

Who is eligible to apply?

The main applicant must be the project leader of one of the Nordic Centres of Excellences. The new or extended Open Science activities can be carried out as separate tasks, within one or more of the work packages within the Center.

Thematic framework

The objective of this call for proposals is to support additional efforts towards implementing best practices and principles for Open Science in research and research results. The new or extended Open Science activities should add value to the center within the area of Open Science, taking the description of such activities in the original application and contract as a starting point. Additional efforts should be described where research resources and results, including publications, data, software tools and/or educational resources, are made findable, openly accessible and usable for other researchers and where applicable to other actors in society. It should also be described how access and usability of the research results and attached services will be maintained (and if relevant operated) after the end of the funding period. Potential Open Science efforts could be, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of a frequently updated and dynamic website for the center, including e.g. presentations of research procedures and methods and/or project blogs potentially presenting both successful research and non-conclusive investigations, non-successful experiments and negative results that will not be presented elsewhere;
  • Establishment and implementation of a center-wide policy for Open Access publication, e.g. including deposition of papers and pre-prints in publicly accessible repositories and assigning unique and persistent identifiers to the authors and publications;
  • Establishment and implementation of a center-wide data management and data publication plan that is suggested to include the following items:
  1. Documentation and metadata - what data is to be used and/or collected, including an overview of meta-data declarations and standards followed?
  2. Data collection - when, how and by whom will the data collected?
  3. Selection and preservation - what data will be stored/not stored during the five-year funding period of the NCoE, what data will be preserved also after this period
  4. Ethics and legal compliance - what are the legal and ethical constraints?
  5. Storage and backup - by whom and where will the data be stored and what are the security constraints?
  6. Data publication and data sharing - when, how and for whom will data be made available (for example, by publication through a national or institutional data repository, or through deposit in a subject-specific database)? How will the data be made interoperable with other relevant data sets? Will data be published in data journals? Is there any delay, omission or selective publication of data? Under what license will the data be made available? What persistent data identifiers will be used?
  7. Responsibilities and resources - who owns the data? What is the cost for data access and data storage? How are these costs covered?
  • Establishment and implementation of policies for deposition of source code and e-science tools, including publications in software journals
  • Development of e-science tools and e-infrastructure for enabling Open Access to data and software developed in the center
Financial framework
This call for proposals is funded and administered by NordForsk. The total budget for this call is maximum NOK 3,5 million, and the maximum funding amount that may be sought is NOK 3,5 million. Funding will be granted for a period of three to five years. However, the grant period cannot extend beyond the end of the funding period for the NCoE. Funding may be used for:
  • Administrative expenses related to project management
  • Establishing and implementing policies for open access to research results from the center, including publications, data and software tools
  • Development of e-science tools and e-infrastructure for enabling such open access
Funding may not be used for investments in e-infrastructure.
Eligibility criteria
  • The formal main applicant must be the project leader of the NCoE. The participating members in the Open Science Activities may be any researchers involved in the NCoEs within the Arctic programme.
Assessment criteria
The application will be evaluated by external experts within Open Science. The assessment will be made in the context of the initial plans within Open Science for the NCoEs as described in the applications submitted in the original call and contracts. The following assessment criterion will be used:
  • Quality of the proposal;
  • Relevance to the call;
  • Added value with regrads to open science and improved potential impact of the research results from the center in the context of the original NCoE application, including plans for sustainable access to research results after the funding period of the NCoE;
  • Relevance of the budget to the proposed activity;
Processing of proposals

The application must be submitted in electronic format via the NordForsk Call and Application Portal no later than 17 October 2016 at 13:00 CEST. No attachments are to be included unless specifically requested in the application form. In order to access the application form, applicants must register as a user on the NordForsk Application Portal and create a draft application.

Based on the assessments of the external experts, NordForsk will forward a recommendation of a pilot project to be awarded funding to the NordForsk Board, which will take the final funding decision. This is expected to take place in December 2016.

NordForsk's guidelines on impartiality will be applied to handle possible conflicts of interest. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the funding decision, and then NordForsk will sign contracts with the approved pilot project and their host organisations shortly thereafter.

Monitoring of the funded Open Science activities

Contracts with grant-holders will be drawn up as soon as possible after the funding decisions have been taken. NordForsk is responsible for administrative follow-up of the projects. The time-frame of the additional activities is the same as for the original grant to the center. A final report describing the additional activities should be submitted as an appendix to the final report for the Centre.

The appendix to annual report will be evaluated by experts on Open Science.

It is furthermore expected that the funded activities will be present at the common meeting(s) and/ or conferences of the Arctic programme (NCoE).

Responsible advisors:

For questions concerning the eScience Action Plan 2.0 and Open Science:

Sverker Holmgren, Programme Director for the eScience Globalisation Initiative
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Lone Jessen, Adviser
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For questions concerning the Arctic Research Programme:
Head of Arctic Affairs Marianne Røgeberg
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